A Little About Philip Faustin

My FamilyApril 16, 2006

I've been a Christian since 1973. Jesus completely transformed my life and gave me true purpose.

My Family

Picture taken December 1996

I have been married since 1978. My wife has been an incredible blessing in my life. We have eight wonderful children. The oldest is 24 and the youngest is 4. We also have 3 other children that died before they were born. In 1979 we had twin boys that died at 5 months. In 1994, our son Nathaniel died two weeks before he was due to be born.

Here is a little later picture of the kids.


My Ministry

In 1989 I was involved with the founding of Operation Rescue Colorado. I have been involved in varying capacities since and presently am the Executive director.

As you would expect, my life is filled with raising a family, loving my wife, and working to make abortion unacceptable in society.

My Work

I make my living as a handyman. I have had my own business since 1984. The name of it is The Handymen.  My days are usually filled by doing small repair jobs around people's houses. I enjoy the variety.

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