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I hope to provide a good starting point for Christian, Prolife, Homeschool and of course Miscellaneous links.

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Why don't you grab a cup of coffee and we can start wandering around.

Now that you're comfortable, let's begin our trip.

Here are some specifics about me and my family.

I am ever grateful to Jesus Christ for transforming my life. Through His death on the cross, I have forgiveness for my sins and am given grace and power every day. Here are some of the Christian spots that I visit.

Over 4000 children in the womb are killed every day in the United States. I am completely confident that we will see the end of abortion just as we saw the end of slavery. Visit and learn from these prolife sites.

Children are a blessing! My wife and I want the best education possible for ours so we homeschool. I praise my wife for dedicating herself to the nurture of our children.

Now that my children are getting on the web I've added an area for kids.

Living in the United Stated, I count it a privilege to be involved in the political and legal system. If we ignore the freedoms we have, they will soon be taken away. Get involved and make a difference!

So many places to visit and so little time. Here is a bunch of miscellaneous stuff. Don't overlook it! You might be surprised at the interesting things you will find.

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